Our Mission

sprial We help business and IT leaders to select the right IT solutions
for promising business improvement targets
to meet well-understood user requirements
from reliable providers at the right price and terms,
and to achieve better results with less investment
through well-formulated projects.

What People Say About Us

Pathology Head:  "Based on my prior experience, I thought Kendal Tech was crazy to promise we would capture requirements and reach a consensus vendor selection decision on LIMS for pathology and in-life toxicology in only eight weeks instead of the six months I expected. But we did it!" Succcess Story: Accelerated Vendor Selection >>> 

Director, Supply Chain Systems:  "In behalf of the team, I would like to thank you for your leadership throughout the RFP process. We appreciate the very satisfying outcome, especially with the short timeline. Bottom line: your process helped us save over fifty percent on the best solution for us."
Success Story: Vendor Negotiation & Contract Support >>>

Lt. Colonel, US Army:  "I cannot thank you enough for the help you provided us in today's strategy workshop. We now have a focus that was lacking before we met you. I appreciate it. I truly appreciate it. You are a true Patriot as evidenced by your dedication in support of our mission."

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Our services include

These highly complementary services can be provided "a la carte", or elements of these services can be combined into an assignment specific to your needs.

Features Common to All of Our Servces

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We focus on organizations that compete on the productivity and impact of their knowledge workers. Our clients include small biotechs and the largest global pharmaceutical makers, and the CROs, contract manufacturers, and vendors that support them. Our services can benefit any organization, and are especially attractive in regulated environments.

We have successfully contributed in the following business areas:

Or click here to see the detailed list. If you manage or support one of these functional areas, we can work with you to formulate a strategy or individual automation projects.

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Kendal Tech LLC is a New Jersey-based consultancy founded in 1993.

Tom Conlon has a thirty-year track record working with life sciences organizations, to find solutions to a wide variety of business and IT management challenges and issues. He specializes in helping pharmaceutical business and IM/IT leaders to work together, through assessments, strategies, and well-formulated projects, to improve business performance.

As a project manager and facilitator, he is highly effective in leading contributors from diverse organizations and disciplines, with different agendas, to reach shared understandings of needs, priorities, and actions to achieve intended business results.

Prior to forming Kendal Tech, Tom was VP of professional services at a leading project management company; and a Principal at the "Big Four" firm Ernst & Young. Earlier he held IT, supply chain management, and engineering positions in multinational pharmaceuticals and capital equipment firms. PDF profile >>>

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SERVICE:  IT Strategy for a Business Area

Objective: A high-level architecture of IT solutions, and system deployment plans aligned with business goals and opportunities.

Business Challenges: " We're paying a high price for the point solutions that we implemented to deliver benefits faster. Our systems don't meet critical business needs, and are hard to integrate. I need a strategy with an architecture that shows how all our systems, the current ones worth keeping and future systems we need, should fit together. And I'm not looking for a "purist" effort that takes 6 months.

We Offer: A pragmatic fixed-price approach that uses business process models as a common language for business and IT to find and win support for high-value opportunities to apply information technology.

Who Benefits:  IT Manager: Understand what's really important to business managers. Business Managers: Confidence that the right needs, opportunities, and IT solutions are identified.

Typical deliverables:
Critical Success Factors: Focus business - IT collaboration on business processes to discover real opportunities for IT to contribute to improving business performance.

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SERVICE:  Business Case for a Technology

Objective: A clear understanding for key decision makers of the benefits, costs, and risks of a proposed investment.

Challenges:  " "I need an independent, objective evaluation of how, where, and how much a specific information technology can help us, and a recommendation of how we should proceed. Our CFO is getting pretty testy over IT investments that can't show a return. The business must own the evaluation results and the justification."

We Offer:  Evidenced-based answers to agreed-upon questions such as these about any proposed IT solution or service:
Who Benefits:  IT Managers and Business Managers: Confidence that they understand the real costs, benefits, and risks of applying the proposed technology.

Typical Deliverables:
Critical Success Factors:  Consensus of key stakeholders communicated in terms that business and IT decision makers can readily understand.

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SERVICE:  Accelerated Vendor Selection

Objective: A well-accepted evidence-based selection decision for any type of IT product or service. Quickly. With confidence.

Challenges:  "I need to make a vendor selection decision I won't regret. I need an objective evaluation but I don't want a long drawn-out selection process. And I want the decision to be accepted by associates at multiple sites."

We Offer:  An evidence-based process that creates a level playing field for vendors to enable you to make the right choice of IT product or service. We first help you decide how you'll make your business perform better, and then help you pick the vendor who'll best help you achieve it. May the vendor with the best business case and total cost win (rather than the one with the best sales presentation).

Who Benefits:  IT Manager: Very competitive pricing and terms for a solution that meets the real requirements. Business Managers: High comfort with the selection, using far fewer business resources.

Typical Deliverables: Critical Success Factors:  Agreement on realistic "day in the life" business process scenarios.

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SERVICE:  Accelerated User Requirements

Objective:  The right requirements from the right people, in as little as six weeks.

Challenges:  "I want the real requirements and not a list of nice-to-haves that just drive up the cost and complexity. There has to be a better way than having a large team spend forever collecting and revising requirements. And please reduce the ambiguity in requirements so we won't spend so much on rework and testing."

We Offer:  An exceptionally efficient process to capture and agree on the "real" requirements based on tasks people actually perform rather than on what people say they want the software to do. In as little as six weeks. Our Requirements Specification document is especially appreciated in regulated environments.

Who Benefits:  IT Manager: Saving of 50% of time and effort on capturing and agreeing on requirements, and 25% on design and testing activities. more >>> Smooth system configuration and validation with far fewer late project surprises. Business Managers: Understandable requirements, using far fewer business resources. Potential business benefit can be demonstrated before the system is implemented. Transparent regulatory compliance in accordance with current regulatory agency thinking.

Typical Deliverables: Critical Success Factors:  Early consensus on business process improvements and new practices that drive requirements in order to greatly reduce late changes that cause rework, delays, and cost overruns.

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SERVICE:  Project Management

Objective:  Plan and execute a well-formulated project by leading or coaching internal teams or managing external vendors.

Business Challenge:  "I need to translate management's priorities for the future, and concerns of today, into a project that all stakeholders agree has high business value, feasibility, and good prospects for success. And then deliver the result as planned."

We Offer:  Leadership, realistic planning, team alignment, progress tracking and reporting, negotiation
with stakeholders and vendors, and problem solving with a continuous focus on realizing business value.

Who Benefits:   Business Managers: A solution providing business value delivered as expected.
IT Manager: Better alignment with the business. Better use of in house and external resources. Own PM capability strengthened.

Typical Deliverables: Critical Success Factors:  "Truth telling and promise keeping."

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SERVICE:  Vendor Negotiation & Contract Support

Objective:  A good deal (price and terms) with a vendor of software and/or services.

Business Challenge:  "How do I know what a good deal is with this vendor?
What's the best way to get a great price and the terms and conditions most valuable to us?

We Offer:  Research, both quantitative (price) and qualitative (vendor's competitive situation, product/technology/licensing changes, changes in customer base, etc.), and direct participation in negotiations if desired.

Who Benefits:  Supplier Management: Tougher, more confident negotiating position.
IT and Business Managers: Better value from budgeted spending. Legal: Clear business requirements, as input to contracts.

Typical Deliverables: Critical Success Factors: Solid business requirements. Credibility with influential stakeholders and vendors.

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We are familiar with the following IT system solutions as a result of our work in requirements definition, vendor selection, project management, validation, or implementation:

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The following vignettes are a sample of our more memorable projects.

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SUCCESS: Drug Development Chooses A Single Integrated Solution for Project & Portfolio Management

Situation:   One department at a top pharma manufacturer identified a need and a vendor for a scenario planning tool for resource and capacity management. Management was concerned about adding another point solution (i.e., scenario planning) to an already complex planning systems environment for only one department. IT management requested help in determining the needs of other departments as well drug project teams and portfolio management for scenario planning, selecting a vendor, and formulating a business case for better scenario planning.

Business Drivers:   IT management continually monitors departmental requests for opportunities to share IT applications globally.

Our Services:   IT Strategy for a Business Area, Accelerated Vendor Selection

Approach:   Results:  Approval fot the implementation of a single integrated commercial product for schedule, cost, and resource management that also included scenario planning at the portfolio, project, and department levels. and retirement of a collection of legacy systems.

Critical Success Factors:  An enthusiasic, diverse group of managers, scientists, and technologists who focused on business processes instead of product features.

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SUCCESS: Global QC Labs Decide to Go Paperless

Situation:   A global pharma manufacturer had successfully implemented a customized LIMS for QC labs at one very large site (i.e., 200 QC analysts). The next challenge was what applications to integrate, how, and when, to realize the goal of a common end point ("Paperless Lab") for a diverse set of large and small manufacturing sites when starting from very different situations (various LIMS, ERP, etc., and paper systems).

Business Drivers:   Quality Operations and IT management requested (1) a roap map for the future, and
(2) a more cost-effective way to deploy a LIMS to as many as twenty other manufacturing sites, and support LIMS users.

Our Service:   IT Strategy for a Business Area

Approach:   Results:  Business and IT management adopted the recommended strategy to guide development and deployment globally, and budgeted for the necessary work.

Critical Success Factors:  An open-minded, engaged group of Quality Operations managers.

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SUCCESS: Business Case Leads to Big Cost Avoidance

Situation: A mid-sized pharma manufacturer had budgeted over $2 million for a comprehensive user-driven specialized clinical trial supplies solution. IT was concerned that project was risky because of a weak business case and lack of consensus on user requirements. A further complication: the CIO urged consideration of SAP as the solution.

Business Driver:  The management of Non-clinical Development requested help in surfacing issues and deciding on the best way to support the clinical trial supplies process.

Our Service:  Technology Business Case

Approach:   Results:  As a result of the business case workshop, management decided to abandon the large comprehensive solution and initiate several much smaller, more focused, higher-yield projects based on new practices. Cost avoidance was estimated at several million dollars.

Critical Success Factors:  The well-designed workshop that engaged non-clinical development management and key stakeholders in the entire clinical trial supplies process: bottlenecks and business improvement goals, process interdependencies among stakeholders, new business practices, and cost and risk.

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SUCCESS: Very Fast Toxicology & Pathology LIMS Vendor Selection

Situation:  Paper-based laboratory information systems. CROs were conducting many of the studies. A large increase in toxicity studies was planned.

Business Driver:  Management wanted to quickly bring early toxicity studies in house to make earlier decisions on compounds and formulations.

Our Service: Accelerated Vendor Selection

Approach: Results:  A confident selection decision in just eight weeks from the kickoff. Eighteen participants from Toxicology and Pathology spent only a total of ten person-weeks of effort for requirements and vendor selection.

Critical Success Factors:   Convincing evidence from the realistic "day in the life" business process scenarios.

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SUCCESS: Contract Negotiation Support Leads to Big Savings

Situation:   The manufacturing planning group of a large global pharma had identified a powerful (and costly) tool for long-range capacity planning without formal requirements or a competitive evaluation process.

Business Driver:  The IT Vendor Management function requested a "time sensitive" competitive evaluation to assure a good business decision, and negotiate more favorable pricing and terms.

Our Service:   Vendor Negotiation & Contract Support

Approach: Results:  The completive vendor evaluation process that took eight elapsed weeks resulted in a $750,000 cost saving for the software license from preferred vendor. Manufacturing Planning's preferred vendor was confirmed as the best vendor.

Critical Success Factors:  The pressure of credible competition, and essentials from our accelerated vendor selection process.

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SUCCESS: "Real" User Requirements Save One Million Dollars

Situation:  IT executives of a major pharma manufacturer had approved a new enterprise project and portfolio management initiative to support its large, globally distributed IT staff. The business had already implemented a customized solution to support drug project development. However, there was doubt about whether a common solution could support what were perceived as IT's unique requirements.

Business Driver:  IT management requested our help in capturing IT's requirements as input to a statement of work for a contractor to implement a Microsoft's Enterprise Project Management (EPM) solution for IT.

Our Service:  Accelerated User Requirements

Approach: Results:  Cost avoidance estimated at one million by IT executive approval of the surprising consensus recommendation to use an already existing solution.

Critical Success Factor: Well-designed workshops that led proponents of an IT-specific solution to conclude that their "real" requirements would be well satisfied by the solution already in place for business projects.

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